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Fat Cats
Luxury in your wallet
Created on Mar 8, 2023

Last updated 5 days ago
Fat Cats is an NFT project that focuses on art patronage and trendsetting across multiple chains, creating a world of wealth and abundance using AI technology. The project aims to provide an immersive experience of opulence and luxury to both gamers and non-gamers alike, introducing them to a world of extravagance beyond their wildest dreams.
Kreate with your Community
Created on Feb 18, 2023

Last updated 8 days ago
Kreate is a membership platform using Web3 and AI to innovate engagement. We help Kreators get paid fairly and kreate with their devoted communities. Kreate utilizes Blockchain for trustless automation, censorship resistance, cheaper transactions; Metaverse for immersion and unique opportunities to make money; and AI for copywriting, content generation, community management, and marketing. Kreate is two times cheaper than Web2 alternatives.
Build without Limits
Created on Mar 8, 2023

Last updated 10 hours ago
#python/#plutonomy/#eopsin/#contract/#assembly/#hebi/#toolchain/#opshin/#smart contracts/#plutus/#accessibility/#development
Everyone should be able to build and audit projects on Cardano! Haskell is hard, so let's choose Python instead. The OpShin Toolchain comprises several projects that aim to facilitate development of Smart Contracts and DApps on Cardano in Python.
DEMU Protocol
A Music Rights Management Protocol
Created on Mar 10, 2023

Last updated 18 days ago
DEMU is a Music Rights Management protocol designed to help record labels and artists manage the license of their music catalog Intellectual Property (IP) across all distribution channels. It updates an antiquated royalty settlement system, addressing key issues facing the music industry.
A guiding light for Cardano devs
Created on Feb 21, 2023

Last updated a month ago
Helios is a Javascript/Typescript SDK for Cardano, including a new language for writing smart contracts. Helios intends to be the easiest and most auditable way to build DApps on Cardano.
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